Invest as a partner

In our quest to becoming a world class logistics service provider, our business is periodically open to investing partners. This is driven by our value proposition which includes

  • Being an enabler of commerce and trade by providing Safe, Affordable and Reliable logistics services.
  • Becoming Nigeria’s leading logistics solutions provider.
  • Delivering on our core values i.e. Safety, People, Integrity, Customer-centricity, Excellence & Shared Prosperity (SPICES)

Interested investing partners can team up with us in actualizing our vision of shared prosperity to build a Safe, Affordable and Reliable logistics network across Nigeria. Investments may be in any of these vehicle categories:

  • Buses
  • Light trucks
  • Articulated trucks

How to become an investing partner:

  • Partner indicates interest in providing any of the listed vehicle categories. Upon indicating interest, our team of dedicated professionals will engage you or your organization on modalities of acquisition and monthly rentals

  • Partner signs a fixed tenured contract with guaranteed monthly rental payments with Medessy Enterprises Ltd.
  • Partner procures the vehicle which will be fully operated and managed by Medessy Enterprises Ltd. This would include but is not limited to provision of driver, fueling and maintenance.

Only ‘brand new’ and ‘foreign used trucks’ are acceptable to us.

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